Medal Hangers


Regular price $39.00

Display medals, keys, hats, etc. Very strong durable hooks for any item you would need to hang. Letters are 4 in. tall and easy to read. 

Any and all sports, player position, hobbies, clubs, groups, team names, personal names can be used. Longer names can affect the length of the hanger and may affect the end price of your hanger. The length described (16 in.) is a base price. 

Handmade from 16ga. HR steel and finished with a hammered black paint. Two holes for secure mounting.

Dimensions;  16 in. L X 6.5 in. T X 1.5 in. D. All sizes are approx.

Hardware included; Two black screws and mollies, (if needed). 


All items are handmade so please allow for minor variations.