Swimming up stream.....


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This is a piece that was created based on the love of family, fishing, and being up north. We have an annual fall trip up north(Michigan) for the salmon run which has become a family reunion of sorts. It has grown from the original fisherman 50yrs. ago to 50+- family and friends. Some traveling from CA. to attend. This sculpture started from salvaging the Lake Michigan driftwood from a beach bonfire( I think it was to wet to burn), so I brought it home.  The overall length is 63in. X 24in. tall X 12in. deep. The fish are 23in. long and they are acid washed and clear coated. This piece is available and would look great on a fireplace mantel in cottage/cabin or fishing lodge or restaurant.  Interested, please e-mail with questions regarding details on; shipping(if needed), pick-up(if possible).

This is a one of a kind piece!!