Custom made PowerZone portable bat-rack.


Regular price $140.00

Made to order custom bat-racks. These can be used for baseball, fastpitch and/or softball. 

I can create a template from pictures, but any art work you may have of the Team name that could be provided would be very helpful.

With the cost of baseball and softball bats and the potential of player injury, protect your investment and your son/daughter and get those bats off the dugout floor.

Use your bat-rack in your home dugout or take it on the road with the team to away games.  It is perfect for tournaments when you are moving from field to field.  

There are two(2) cleats/hangers on the back to hang on a cyclone fence at the field. The hangers can be taken off and the bat rack can be secured permanently in your home dugout.

Using 3003 1/8 inch aluminum, you will receive a high quality product that will last for many seasons to come. For packing and shipping purposes the bottom plate will not be attached to the name plate. This allows for a more compact package and will reduce postage cost. There will three fasteners included in package along with instructions when shipped.  

We have two sizes available;

  • BR3213 - $130 - holds 13 bats (this has been our most common) 
  • BR3615 - $140 - holds 15 bats ( for larger rosters) 

As you can see in the pictures, most team names are applicable in creating your bat-rack(very long names may need to be adjusted-shrunk to fit in dimensions allowed). The team name will be painted in the primary color of your team.

Please inquire about timing for shipping.

All items are handmade so please allow for minor variations.