BELIEVE on Wood(barrel stave)


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 "BELIEVE"  we have to believe to be able to get through each and every day. We have to believe in each other. We have to believe in the Lord. If we do not believe we have nothing. A very strong, powerful concept. It is more than just a word isn't it. 

This is handmade with 1/16 inch HR steel. A very strong durable material. The base is a oak barrel stave which has been cut down to size, sanded and finished with a clear coat or tongue oil. The piece you see is bare metal that has been clear coated. It can be painted pretty much any color you may prefer. Just ask.

Dimensions; 12 in. L X 6 in. T X 2.5 in W(at base). 

All items are handmade so please allow for minor variations.